Sunday, 11 October 2009

A recent article from The Times about the UK tea revolution featuring Henrietta Lovell of the Rare Tea Co. The comments are the best bits - my personal favourite is "My wife and I don't have the money to spend on fancy-schmancy tea from specialty farms in Timbuktu".


Jason Witt said...

I'm glad to say that the comment of that fellow has some truth to it--"recession tea" isn't so bad. It is indeed better that the Brits brought tea to all classes, including to the poor among the rest. However, these days there are ways around the pitfalls of cheap Western tea. I've ordered my first batch of Puerh from a company selling and shipping direct from Yunnan China. The prices are outrageously low. I'm not complaining. --Teaternity

teagirl400 said...

It's very encouraging to know that everyone can enjoy looseleaf Asian tea.

I have been telling my parents this for the longest time, but they still associate 'shipped' tea with 'expensive' tea. Good to hear you got a good price on some Puerh, Jason!

-- OrientalTea