Thursday, 6 August 2009

On Being Under Pressure

I've invented a new fun game involving pouring hot water over tea leaves and playing Hunt the Teapot while it brews. The skill is locating your teapot before your leaves over-brew and the game becomes especially exciting if combined with Hunt the Strainer.

Having a messy kitchen and writing a dissertation is clearly taking its toll.

Reading: The Makioka Sisters
Watching: Downfall (for the laughs)
Drinking: Jing's Yunnan Gold


Jason Witt said...

I wonder what would happen if this game had to involve other people. Could roommates or guests help things go faster or would they just complicate the hunt? --Jason

francofinn said...

Complicate!! This game needs a zen-like concentration that only days of sleeplessness can bring. :)

teagirl400 said...

Sounds like an interesting game. I've played 'fish out the tea bag from your cup of boiling water' a couple of times in the morning..

Not Fun. :(

-- OrientalTea