Friday, 10 April 2009

Milk and Sugar?

I am of the firm opinion that if you need milk and sugar in your tea you are not drinking the right tea. However, if this piece of design by a fellow finn Tanja Sipilä was on the table, I might just make an exception. It is called the Newton because it uses the force of gravity to keep the sugar bowl in place when you pour you milk. It is available from


Jennifer said...

Oh man, that's brilliant. :D Sometimes the milk and sugar is just necessary. In cases of comforting for example! Or getting little people hooked to tea in the first place. ;)

Jason Witt said...

That's a beautiful creation. I agree that the better teas don't require milk and sugar. And as an American I never put any of the stuff in my tea. But that's also because I'm watching my calories and adulterating the tea can really add up!

toki said...

Perhaps is great for coffee? Perhaps is good for ice-tea? Or perhaps is just nice to have it, for having sake.

Wonderful and helpful post for a teaware addict. Cheers - T

marlena said...

That is the absolutely coolest invention

teagirl400 said...

Very true. In my coffee-chugging days, I found that I had to resort to milk or sugar to save a particularly fubared cuppa joe.

The same can be said with tea. Preparation is key!

-- OrientalTea