Friday, 20 June 2008

Weights and Measures

Having been shown the difference between teas made with the right dry leaf to water ratio, I am impatient to buy myself a dinky scale before starting on my mountainous Paris tea stash.

My teacher at the tea school used a balance that measures weights accurate to a precision of 0.1 grams. It's very sleek and I covet it so I am impatient to find something similar in London.

My search has been hampered however, by the fact that the shops that sell very precise scales are also the ones that also supply drug dealers (funny that). The struggle is persuading someone convinced that you are a nascent addict that you don't need a scale accurate to 100th of gram since, in fact, you will be measuring tea rather than crack.
"Who measures tea? It comes in a bag"

I am prepared to look foolish, I need my scales. The search continues.