Friday, 6 July 2007


As I've been telling friends and colleagues about this blog the most common reaction has been one of bemusement.
So, I felt I should demonstrate the difference between what is found in a teabag, and what i've been brewing lately. On the left are leaves of a Taiwanese oolong called Wenshan Baozhong (clear, fruity and delicious) and on the right is the contents of a teabag of English Breakfast tea(muddy and astringent) made up of the crumbs of leaves.


Samantha said...

Ooh, I got the bemusement thing too! From everyone. Boyfriend, mom, little brother....

You should do a dregs comparison too. I'll bet that even a mesh strainer would leave you with less at the bottom of your cup than the muck that comes out through paper teabags.

Best of luck!

-- Sam

Vodakavnova said...

I am a big lover of Lu Yu and "rel tea" and I can understand you!