Tuesday, 5 June 2007


Nothing like coming back from a literary festival to two newly delivered parcels of tea on my doorstep.
I thought I would order some staples from Jing Tea having exhausted my budget for expensive teas for this month. I received packets of Moroccan mint, Earl Grey and their superb Jasmine Pearls. Even just opening up the bags is an experience since the fragrance of the teas is intoxicating.
At first, I considered their Earl Grey to be very good, but no better or worse than the Tea Palace's Earl Grey Blue Flowers. However, after further sips, I've decided it's actually pleasingly robust but with an engaging delicate flavour that is not immediately apparent. This subtlety definitely lifts it above an ordinary cuppa.
Their Jasmine Pearls, a favourite of the Guardian's Nikki Duffy, is something anyone who loves tea should have on their shelf to reach for in times of crisis, or for whenever a pause is needed in the day. Her description of a "deep but delicate flavour" is exactly right, and the tea never fails to astound me.
As yet, I haven't tried their Moroccan Mint but i suspect it will be a world away from the polo-flavoured dust you get in most tea bags.

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